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Hello! Enomoto!


Well then, February 18th [Theater version Sword Art Online - Ordinal Scale] 's spoilers and impressions will go! I'd like to tell you very carefully!

Even if I do not watch a movie, I will tell "I will talk about movies regularly with my friends tomorrow!"

Also, I do not understand enough, there are some strange things to talk about, but it would be greatly appreciated!


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What is SAO?

In 2022, through a beta test by the user, official service of the world's first VRMMORPG "Sword Art Online" (SAO) was started, and about 10,000 users enjoyed a complete virtual space. However, as a game master and a SAO developer, a genius programmer, Akihiko Kaya appears before the players, it is impossible to voluntarily log out from SAO, the top of SAO's stage "Floating Castle Ainclad" I declared that real world players themselves really died if it died in this world that only beating 100 bosses and clearing the game is the way to escape from this world.

Sword Art · Online - Wikipedia


Kirito / Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirigaya Kazuto)

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Death game of nightmare "Sword Art Online (SAO)"
"Hero" led the clear.
Another name "Black swordsmen".

Sword Art Online - Theatrical Scale - Official Site


Asuna / Yuki Asuka (Yuuki Asuna)

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In "SAO" is a girl with rapier using a synonym for "flash".
Karito's lover, both in the real world and in the virtual world.



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Formerly "SAO" mental health counseling specialty
Artificial intelligence (AI).
Kirito and Asuna are called Papa, Mama
I long for my parents.


Reafa (Leafa) / Kirigaya Naoha (Kirigaya soon)

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Kirito's sister.
Kendo skill is nationwide class.
"Alveham Online (ALO)" in
Become a magical warrior of the wind fairy tribe.


Shinon / Asada Shinno

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A girl who plays as a sniper in a gun and steel MMO "Gangale Online (GGO)".
Kirito 's help overcame trauma.


Klein / Ryotaro Udoi (Tsubota Ryotarou)

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Sword use leading the guild "Furin Kazan".
Equip Kimono like it.
With a friendly personality, Kirito is a close friend of rot.


Silica (Silica) / Ayano Siliko (Ayano Keiko)

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A Beastomer girl supported by Kirito in "SAO".
Cory the small dragon Pina.
In "ALO", take the figure of a cat fairy tribe.


Egil (Agil) / Andrew Gilbert Mills

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At "SAO", as well as being a merchant
Contributing to the strategy as a leading ax use.
Actually a genuine Edo child.


Lisbeth / Rika Shinozaki (Shinzasaki Rika)

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I trained Kirito's sword with "SAO"
Master Meisa's girl.
Asuna's best friend, nickname is Liz.


Akihiko Kaya

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Genius game designer who created "SAO".
It became the basis of the amusphere
We developed a full dive machine "Nerve gear".



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Within "Ordinal Scale"
"Diva" that gains popularity as the first AR (Augmented reality) idol.
When you encounter her stage in the game,
A special effect can be obtained.



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A mysterious youth swordsman who appeared before Kirito.
High "rank" within "Ordinal scale"
I am proud.


Professor Shimura

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He is a developer of AR (Augmented Reality) device "Augmer"
Non invasive style in Japan (do not hurt your body)
Brain-machine interface research leader.
Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tohto University of Technology.
From researching style that is too sharp,
It is treated heretically in the field of electrophysiology.

A cup

Movie trailer


Main part

* Because I remember selling lines, I think that you should feel only the nuance.


The beginning starts with Kirito and Asuna promising in Ein Clad (in game) during the SAO era.


Asuna "Einclad does not see the stars, is not it?"


Kirito "Asuna is an urban girl?"


Asuna "Mu kirito said that again!" Punpun


Kirito "There is a beautiful meteor near us"


Asuna "Let's go someday and see the meteor shower!"


It starts with this feeling!




And this time main item (game)



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It is a white guy who everyone is wearing!

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It has a function to expand the real world and it seems like a Google glass as an image!


I think that you understand who is Pokemon GO, but if you hold a smartphone, Pokemon moves to the roadside, it is such a feeling!


It is prevalent in Japan, the game using that oguma


That is the ARMMORPG called the audition scale (OS)!



The rankings are displayed by the results of the game, and it is said that they receive a discount ticket with the ranking or the clearing fee of the game, or receive a large cup of beef bowl!


And Yuna is active as an image character of that game!


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It sounds like Miku Hatsune. Although it is a setting called CG once, rumors are standing that it is a real person because it is too real.




Kirito: Are you guys games too little?


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Girls who love coupons and so on get stuck in the OS!


However, Kirito does not like the owner anymore.


Kirito "I'd like a full dive after all"


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Liz "You can watch TV anywhere, more convenient than a smartphone!"

It seems that we have taken the data of what we ate, and the calories of meals are also displayed! It is a great era.


It is decided to go live at Yuna throughout the school, and Silica is a norinori!


It seems that the place suddenly becomes a karaoke stage on Auger!


Silica sang at Ly's ugly place

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Good news for such a cold Kirito!


Anything "It is said that the old SAO Einclad's boss character is mounted on the ordinal scale"!



Kirito "What ?!"


I do not know until the last minute the place of appearance, but I'll find the place and head by motorcycle!


But this is not a full dive. The reality to the last. Motor nerves are questioned simply regardless of the parameters.


The boss like the general sees us all together!


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Kirito "Heavy ... After all it is not different from the virtual world"


Asuna "Just a lack of exercise!"


Asuna is a nice tsukkomi!



Kirito "Shit! You can not use sword skills ... But if action pattern is together with old days!"


Kirito is full of defeat!



Klein: We'll go there too ~ ~


Furin kazan led by Klein showing exquisite team work


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While everyone is killed twice Klein group too strong Waros!


By the way, when you are killed by the enemy, the game screen ends and you return to reality at the end of the game.



While Klein was overwhelming, the man who appeared there!


On top of the head is the second ranked character


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Ranking 2 appeared


The goodness of the motor nerves is reminiscent of Ikutani Yukio!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218172818p: plain

(I wonder if she knows Koike Ikeda player now ...)



Eventually Asuna will take a good place shouting "Switch!" (Swapping attack)!


Asuna is the best honorable prize, Asuna will kiss her cheekly on Yuna!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218173557p: plain

So, everyone will wake up to boss hunting from here!



During that time Klein's fellow Deb will be reborn in 2nd place.


Boss information will arrive from Klein!



At that time, Asuna who is bathed in acclaim. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the best sight of the movie now. Oops


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Klein "Oh, Asuna! Are you leary?"


Asuna "I took a bath, but an email came from Klein and soon came!" ← あ ざ と い


Klein "Will you go ahead of us from one member member?" ← I am waiting for the bobbed debut.


2nd (Age) "I will show you the difference between AR and VR!"


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Everyone seems to have a grudge against former SAO players.


It is ridiculous. It's normal violence!


At that time Asna took down the boss and was up to 127th place. It was around 1200 before before ...

Asuna is overwhelming!

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Well, at that time Kirito seems to be meeting with Asuna.


Yui "Papa! If you do not practice regularly on an ordinal scale it is divorce with mommy!"


Kirito "No, seriously it's a painful guy!"


A girl appearing there


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I am not sure as I am wearing a hood, but it is probably cute.


No, it is absolutely cute. In the case of


Absolutely absolutely absolutely absolutely want! cute!


When Kirito tried to touch, she passed through.


Kirito "Data? NPC data?"


Yui "That is such a non-scientific! I told you something." Looking at it from reading lipics "



Kirito: "Looking for something ?. I do not get it!"



Mr. Asna appears there. My hairstyle is disappointing!


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In the past, "Asiana's hairstyle thought genius! Because I was crowded, did you aim too much? It was a bit madam chick.



The screen switches and everyone fight against Boss


Kirito will find something.


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At such time, a girl in hood will appear.

I will speak for a moment and disappear.



Asuna and Age who met on a boss line.


The boss was like a crayfish!


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Asuna "You were a member of the Order of the Knights Ooo, are not you?"


Age: I remember it well, but now it is different! Now it's an age! "

Age "You seem to have had a lot of corners, old times ..."


When talking to



Silica punch which was fighting together!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218182737p: plain


Asuna injured in spite of the incident although it was covered. Great damage on your back! It seems quite serious though it should be a game ...



Well the first game is a game. It seemed like she had finished nothing, but a strange happens to Asna.


It means that the memories of SAO era become obscure. Ambiguous Miin!



"I will not be able to remember Kirito! What should I do! "


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I got a hospital examination where the forcing neuron looks like a synaptic tryptophan!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218184244 p: plain

It has become a development like a movie "eraser in the head"!


sorry! Three precious memories!


Asuna battle withdraws from fear. It will not be able to fight.


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218184923 p: plain


Welcome! Horny memories with Asuna will also disappear! I have to manage somehow!
Audiru scales all over!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218190311 p: plain


Mr. Kirito I finally become serious at last!


By the way it seems I can not remember Klein.


Apparently it seems that the SAO player is being targeted.



Kirito "Everyone is dangerous! You should not go to boss fights anymore!"


Chinon "I will help, I am not SAO survivor!"


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218191448 p: plain


I will hit the boss safely!


By the way the boss at that time was a pig of Mohawk!


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218191521 p: plain

There again girls in the hood will appear, and the foot will come off but it disappears.





From there Yui's information retrieval capability will search various places for people related to Age and go to see the designers of Auger!

At the research institute of the designer Shimura Murumura


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218192224 p: plain


Kirito: Do ​​you know Age? You should have studied with you! "


Shigamura: "Well, I guess ... I do not remember ~"


Kirito "Augmer has the ability to scan memories! "


Shigamura "Are you doing it? Does not it have to have a memorable memory? Will you take it again with an apo? Well I am too busy so I may not be able to meet you!"



Kirito leaving comes to notice the pictures on the desk of Shigamura. That picture is exactly like YUNA!


Anything my daughter was a former SAO survivor, her death was due to SAO's navel gear.



Mr. Kirito is leaving the laboratory of Shigemura.


Is there an incoming call from Asuna, can we meet from now? Mr. Kirito.


Mr. Kirito climbed up to Asuna 's house and got her face on Asuna' s chest, being confused by the dusk.

Kirito "I love you asuna! I will never forget the memory of Asuna!"


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A certain shrine? Reunited with Hood Yana


Yuna "The virtual of the dreams will be with you"


Kirito "You guys after all ..."


Yuna "I just want to sing a song!"


Kirito: "How can I help Asuna?"


Yuna "Your ranking is insufficient to help Asuna!"


Around the time Asuna


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218194146 p: plain

Ciel "Everyone! Live tomorrow!"

Liz "That's why"

Sugha "I understand! I will teach you my wonderful technique of kendo for my older brother!"



Kirito has to raise his level anyway.


Kirito Musou!


Kirito "Shoot all over with the shortest course!"


Outfield "He's giving damage by himself!"


Outfield "Wow!"


Kirito "Wow !!!"


Uchino "Do not get hot! Takaka played!"



Kirito "What ?!"


Kirito 's earnest rank rose to 9th place!


Age: You're right, you did it, do it well! I'm gonna live tomorrow! I will give you a ticket instead of Yuna! "


Kirito "Tememe ~ ~"


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~ Live time ~


Silica "It is already throat rattling"

Liz "You're over-singing"


Kirito "A little toilet is coming"


Kirito heading for the underground parking lot


It is Mr. Age who is waiting.


Kirito "I will return it! Memories of Asuna!"



Kirito Age "Audinal Scale Launch! "


(It's not a gossip, it's gonna be playing properly here ...)


Age: You do not have to do quite a bit of the black knight ~


Kirito: "It's no big deal than you thought!"



Mr. Shigemori and Mr. Kaya watching the venue on the live venue.


Shigamura "I got a navel gear to my daughter's good parenthesis! That stupidity killed my daughter!"

"Completion with Yuna of artificial intelligence is coming soon, if Yuna's memory of SAO era of these years are all scanned, Yuna will be revived!"




Kirito "The identity of your strength is here!"


Tear off the original cord.


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218200224 p: plain


Lost Age Warrior.


Kirito "Please tell me how to regain memories!"


Age "The device works to finish at the live. SAO survivors are gathered at this venue! Everyone robs Kioku! Hahahah!"



Age "When it is scanned inside the studio, not only the memory, but also damage to the brain!"


Kirito "What's going on!"


Towards Asuna for the time being

Kirito "Asuna's late!" Span


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218200717p: plain


In the studio it is called a game, boss characters appear and everyone gathered is fun and fighting mode


* If you lose, some memory is not memorable, the worst die.


Fooduna "Dad, stop it like this! Everyone will die!


Shigamura "Bullshit!"


Shigamura "Let me become a devil if I can revive Yuna!"


Age "I'm sorry I lost."


Shigamura "I gave a cheat weapon, but this usefulness!"


Age "But have you always been with Yuna?"



Shigemura "The last job will be left!"


Shigamura "Please provide your memory!"


Age "That's it!"


Hood Yun "Help Kirit! Everyone will die with this!"



Kirito "Remove everybody ogmer!"


Fooduna "That's impossible!"


Kirito "What do you do?"



Food Yuna "Defeat the 100 bosses of Ein Clad! Then the machine stops!"



Kirito: "But how?



Hood Yuna "Odinal scales are only one function of augustor!"


Hood Yuna "You can full dive even at Ogmer like Nave Gear!"


Kirito "What's up !!!"


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218202113p: plain



From here it is chest heat expansion!


Everyone 'Link Start'


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218202648p: plain

Klein "Is this the original rasubosu?"



F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218203250 p: plain

※ Because it can be used for magic, it will be a handsome action!


Liz "You will not be able to push such a thing!"


Various people of successive animation will come to help!


Reefa will also participate!



But the war situation is tough!


Asuna "To regain my memory ..."


Asuna "If you leave this out, you can help Kirito!" ← Full dive release

Asuna "But Kirito will not be able to help those who tried to help"



"Link start! ← Asana entered the war


Kirito "Blowjob Cisserie !!!"


Again silica is a pinch!


Asuna that appears dashing out there


F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218203959p: plain

Silica "Asuna!"


Asna "Silica!"


Asuna "I am sorry for everyone being late!"


"I will fight again! Kirito-kun!"


Klein: It's unbeatable at Oshishi VR!


Yui-chan, "Please use this!"


Yui-chan "Everyone's data was taken from the data of SAO! Chinon is a bonus!"



F: id: minaraisennin: 20170219233301 p: plain

Kirito "Switch! Switch!"


Asuna "Switch, Switch"


Klein "Switch! Switch!"


Kirito Musou of Two Swords



The battle scene here was a masterpiece!


This can not be expressed with my picture!



Defeat superb boss


Hood Yuuna "It's not over yet!"


Keep full dive, come back to present! Is it? (I do not really understand)



A sword, Excalibur obtained by defeating 100 bosses? Use the to destroy the enemies of the ordinal scale!



At that moment Kirito ranked first, and Yudana Food ranked second. I can tell who I was number one here.



Shigamura "Shit, you did it a little more"


Hood Yuna "Thank you Dad!"


Hood Yuna "Since Rasubosu is defeated, my data is initialized"



Chang Chang



And Asuna who returned to memory at a later time remembered the memory that he saw the meteor with Kirito, went to see the meteor in two and kiss end.



I thought about endroll



The voice of Yuna "It is Sayaka Kanda or not!"


I thought that the song was good as it is!


And Ending's LISA was also the best.



When ending is over


Shigematsu "For what I called this place!"


Kikuoka: Actually, I have something I want to show to the teacher.




Kikuoka "Welcome to Lars!"

In the case of

What is it, "Lars" is a new game?
Last battle ended with a hot development so much, so I thought that there was no next work, but it seems to be a victory.
Once in a movie like this.
Oh well I enjoyed it so please take a look at everyone!
There are fine dialogues, but I think that there is a general flow!
Also I got a postcard with movie privilege!
F: id: minaraisennin: 20170218211522 p: plain
I think I will use it when I am here (when?
If you have to talk about a movie with a friend even though you are not watching a movie, for the time being
"Last thirty minutes wonderful! "Asuna's bath and wow! "
If it says it is OK! (Lol)
Sword Art · Online Ordinal in theatrical version. Scale (OS)
Of course we can not compensate by just blogging, so please go and see the theater!